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The City of Little Rock City Boards & Commissions
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Inclusiveness on Boards and Commissions

It is the goal of the City of Little Rock, Arkansas, that the Mayor, with confirmation by the City Board of Directors, shall make diligent efforts to appoint citizens of Little Rock to City Boards and Commissions so these bodies meet the goal of inclusiveness by reflecting the diversity of our City, recognizing that this goal may be impacted by Board and Commission positions that are designated by professions, organizations or byAugust 2016.pdf Ward representation.

Applications for all City's Boards and Commissions can now be submitted at any time, whether or not there are current vacancies.  All applications will be kept on file for two (2) years and in the event a vacancy occurs on the Board or Commission in which you applied, your application will be forwarded to the Little Rock City Board of Directors for consideration.  

If you are interested in volunteering to serve on any of the City's Boards and Commissions, applications can be submitted in a variety of ways:

  1. By filling out the online application
  2. By mail to the Little Rock City Clerk's Office, 500 West Markham Street, Room 200, Little Rock, AR 72201
  3. By e-mail to
  4. By fax to (501) 371-4857

If you would like to receive an electronic copy of the next Board and Commission Vacancy Announcement, please e-mail the City Clerk's Office at to be included on our distribution list.

Current Board and Commission Vacancy List

Complete an Application Form:

Thank you for your interest in serving on one of the City’s various Boards and Commissions.

Land Bank Commission


For More Information

Andre Bernard, Director
Housing & Neighborhood Programs Department
Little Rock City Hall
500 West Markham Street, Room 120W
Little Rock, AR 72201
(501) 371-4849

Ordinance No. 19,911 passed by the Board of Directors on January 15, 2008, created this Commission.  Ordinance No. 20,245 passed by the Board of Directors on April 6, 2010, amended Little Rock City Revised Code 2-330-41 to increase by two (2) members selected from Ward 1 and Ward 2.
 TERM: Four (4) Years; Staggered Terms initially
 MEMBERS: Eleven (11)
 DUTIES: Reverse urban blight, increase home ownership, stabilize property values, provide affordable housing, and improve the health and safety of neighborhood through the study, acquisition and disposal of vacant and abandoned property.
Members are appointed by the Mayor, subject to confirmation by the City Board of Directors and shall consist of the following:

One (1) Representative involved in projects or work dedicated to the development of low to moderate income housing
One (1) Representative of the housing industry
One (1) Officer of a financial institution
One (1) Member of the Little Rock Housing Authority, selected from a list of three (3) names, submitted by the Little Rock Housing Authority Board of Commissioners
One (1) Member of the Community Housing Advisory Board (CHAB), selected from a list of three (3) names, submitted by the CHAB membership
One (1) Ward 1 Representative
One (1) Ward 2 Representative
Four (4) At-Large positions, provided the four (4) shall reside in different City Wards
 MEETINGS: Third Wednesday of Each Month
Willie L. Hinton Neighborhood Resource Center
3805 West 12th Street
11:30 AM
 CONTACT: Andre Bernard, Director
Housing & Neighborhood Programs Department
500 West Markham Street, Room 120W
Little Rock, AR 72201
(501) 371-4849

Current Members

Leta Anthony
(Housing Authority Representative)
1014 South Hughes Street
Little Rock, AR  72204
(501) 379-1598
Term Expires:  3-19-2020

Odessa Darrough
(Ward 2 Representative)
1609 Fair Park Boulevard
Little Rock, AR 72204
(501) 661-0562  
Term Expires: 3-19-2018

Juanita Dodd
(At-Large - Ward 1)
204 Greencrest Drive
Little Rock, AR  72204
(501) 258-5439
Term Expires:  3-19-2020
Frances Frazier
3015 Marshall Street
Little Rock, AR 72206
(501) 658-9955
Term Expires: 3-19-2020
Hollie Hutchison
2014 Jennifer Drive
Little Rock, AR 72212
(501) 258-1017
Term Expires: 3-19-2020

Mark Leggett
(Housing Industry)
10 River Ridge Road
Little Rock, AR  72227
(501) 831-1621
Term Expires:  3-19-2020

Crystal Mercer
(Ward 1 Representative)
1624 West 22nd Street
Little Rock, AR 72202
(501) 247-0199
Term Expires: 3-19-2018

Angela Neal
(Financial Institution)
2406 Forest Creek Drive
Little Rock,AR 72211
(501) 228-8249
Term Expires: 3-19-2020
Diana Thomas
(Low/Moderate Income)
300 Springwood Drive
Little Rock, AR 72211
(501) 960-7390
Term Expires:  3-19-2020

Arlo Washington
14320 Jerome Drive
Little Rock, AR  72223
(501) 590-1700
Term Expires:  3-19-2020
Jarrod Woodley
(CHAB Representative)
12 Elmhurst Drive
Little Rock, AR  72209
(501) 952-1428
Term Expires: 3-19-2018

City Director Joan Adcock
(Board of Directors Liaison)
Little Rock City Hall
500 West Markham Street, Room 203
Little Rock, AR  72201
(501) 371-4510
Term Expires:  12-31-2016

The City of Little Rock The City of Little Rock

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