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Monday, December 17, 2012

Club de Madrid


 For more information:   Luis Perez 501-258-3501

                                                Mitch Chandler 501-951-1123

In addition to the program and agenda you received from the Club de Madrid, we want you to have a more detailed description of the events taking place Monday, December 17, 2012, specifically between Noon and 3:00P.M. As the timing of the events is quite close together, please let us know of any concerns.

12:10pm        Press set-multiple input box

12:30P.M.      Press Conference     Capital Hotel Quapaw Room

Club de Madrid


Wim Kok, Prime Minister of The Netherlands and President of the Club de Madrid

Jorge Quiroga, President of Bolivia and Vice President of Club de Madrid

Carlos Westendorp, Secretary General, Club de Madrid (Spain)

Professor Clive Palmer, Director and Owner, Mineralogy Pty. Ltd, (Australia)

This press conference will focus on the evolution of the Club de Madrid into 2013 and new projects for the coming year.

 Club de Madrid Description

The Club de Madrid is an independent non-profit organization composed

of 92 democratic former Presidents and Prime Ministers from 62 different countries, constituting the world’s largest forum of former Heads of State and Government, who have come together to respond to a growing demand for support among leaders in two key areas: democratic leadership and governance; and response to crisis and post-crisis situations. Both lines of work share the common goal of addressing the challenge of democratic governance and political conflict as well as that of building functional and inclusive societies, where the leadership experience of our Members is most valuable.

1:00P.M.  Old State House (front door) The Little Rock Accord

There will be a brief, historic signing of “The Little Rock Accord” between the Club de Madrid and the P-80 Foundation Group.

On the porch of the Old State House, Carlos Westendorp, Club de Madrid Secretary General and former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Spain, f and Eugene Yun, Managing Director, P-80 Group Foundation.

Multiple input box provided.

The participants will walk across the street from the Capital Hotel press conference to the signing of the accord.

Brief remarks will be made and then the documents will be signed.  Camera positions will be set directly in from of the desk in the front of the building with an unimpeded view of the event.

Description of the Accord


This Little Rock Accord will formalize the agreement reached between the Club de Madrid and the P80 Group Foundation to create a joint task force – Global Leaders for Climate and Sustainable Development Financing Action – which will act to mobilize political will to increase the role of public and private sector finance, more specifically pension and sovereign wealth funds, in driving low carbon, climate resilient, sustainable growth and increase investment in the deployment of proven technologies to address climate change challenges and growing resource shortages in the areas of energy, water, clean air and food.

The effective implementation of the Little Rock Accord could tap one of the largest sources of possible profitable investment funding available to benefit the global environment and sustainable economic development.

P80 Description

The origins of the P80 began with the inspiration of HRH Prince Charles, who was convinced that the world’s largest pension and sovereign wealth funds could be encouraged to increase the level of their investments to benefit the climate and/or sustainable development.

The goal of the P80 Group and now of the Foundation is to bring about a more rapid growth in investments, particularly addressing climate change and sustainable development resource shortages. 

 1:30P.M.  Heifer Foundation-Lunch featuring actress Geena Davis

Location: Jo Luck Global Impact Room

 Club de Madrid Annual Conference Inaugural Lunch

Theme: Women in Art and Media

Open to the media, multiple input box provided.



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