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Message from the Mayor


America’s Cleanest Cities 


I am pleased to report some great news that I received yesterday regarding the health of our community. According to, Little Rock ranks second on its list of America’s Cleanest Cities as you will find at this link:


The high quality of our water was one of the major factors in our high ranking. As you know, the City of Little Rock receives its drinking water from Lake Maumelle, which is owned and operated by our water utility, Central Arkansas Water.


Also contributing to our ranking were our low number of on-site toxic releases and the low number of EPA-designated Superfund sites, which are uncontrolled or abandoned places with hazardous waste. The EPA has several programs, including the Brownfields Program, that help cities transform these hazardous sites into new, safe and productive uses in the community.


This ranking is a testament to the strong environmental stewardship we have seen in our community from several different people and organizations. I would like to thank all of those people who have worked hard to protect our water, air and earth. I look forward to sharing this information with the dedicated volunteers on the Mayor’s Sustainability Committee as well.


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Mark Stodola




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