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Dear Little Rock Citizen,

     I noticed today several citizens putting out their new recycling carts for pick-up. As the recent letter you received points out, the new service by Waste Management will not start until April 2nd. They are still delivering carts around the city.

     If your new recycling bin has been dropped off at your house, do not use it yet. Instead, use your old recycling container until the new program starts during the week of April 2 (some streets will not start until the week of April 9). In late March, you will receive a tri-fold mailer from Waste Management which will include a route map and a 2012 collection schedule. Please be on the lookout for this.

     Remember that once this program starts, you will receive reward points based on how much your street recycles. These points can be redeemed at Recyclebank.com for coupons, gifts and discounts.

     Please pass this along and please advise your neighbors of the start-up date if you see them putting out their new bins.


Thank you so much,

Mark Stodola


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