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This is part of a series of updates from Mayor Mark Stodola addressing various topics of interest to the citizens of Little Rock.


Message from the Mayor



This is a reminder that early voting continues today and Monday in advance of Tuesday’s millage election in Little Rock next week on Tuesday, September 11th. This is a continuation of a capital improvements millage that has been in place in Little Rock continuously since 1958. The City is proposing to reduce the ad valorem tax burden from 3.3 mils down to 3 mils, which if passed, will give us $105 million to spend exclusively on street and drainage problems throughout the city. This bond issue continuation is anticipated to be paid off over 15 years. Once passed, the city will have nearly $22 million dollars to spend on street and drainage needs in each one of our 7 wards.  We will also be setting aside 10% of the monies for projects that cross multiple ward boundaries or have a general impact on residents throughout the city.

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Mark Stodola


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