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Message from the Mayor


Winter Storm Event Update


I would like to give you an update on the City’s progress in picking up all of the storm debris left behind by our winter storm.


After the storm, the City began picking up the storm debris with the resources we had available. We ran 19 crews 10 hours a day six days a week and picked up approximately 100 tons of storm debris per day. This was a very small amount in comparison to the 22,000 tons of storm debris that FEMA estimated was on the ground around the city. At the end of January 2013, we received a federal disaster declaration that allowed us to hire a private contractor to pick up the storm debris. Once the appropriate bidding procedures had taken place, the City hired the lowest responsive bidder, which was Ceres Environmental. This private contractor is well-suited to pick up the storm debris at a faster pace, because they have a large number of trucks and a wide variety of trucks built specifically for these purposes.


As of March 3 a total of 10,690 tons of storm debris has been collected. Every street in the city will be passed through twice to pick up storm debris. Ceres has almost completed the first pass-through of the City and, once every street in the City has had its first pass-through, Ceres will begin its second pass-through. Residents do not need to call 311 to have their storm debris picked up.


Ceres will work contemporaneously in all seven of the City’s wards. You can view the progress of the storm debris cleanup at This webpage includes maps of each ward of the city and these maps contain street-level detail of which streets have been picked up and which have not. If you see storm debris on a street that is indicated as having already had its first pass through, it may be that residents placed more storm debris after the City’s first pass-through, which began in the first week of January.


It’s important to note that storm debris and regular yard waste are classified differently and will be picked by separate crews. Ceres Environmental is only picking up storm debris as that is the only type of debris that they are allowed to pick up relative to the federal disaster declaration for the Winter Storm Event. The City of Little Rock continues to pick up regular yard waste as it always does. If you have yard waste, you can place it at the curb as you normally would and the City will pick it up.


If residents are inclined to remove their own storm debris, they may drop it off free of charge at Reservoir Park or Interstate Park. These locations are open from 8 am to 4:30 pm on Monday through Saturday.


I know this has been a very trying and frustrating time for our residents and I appreciate your patience. The City suffered a disaster, as recognized by the federal government, and it takes an incredible amount of time to recover. Like you, I look forward to a time very soon when our streets are back to normal and the Winter Storm Event of 2012 is just a memory.


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Mark Stodola




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