Restore Robinson Auditorium Election, December 10, 2013

Election Day on the issuance of bonds to pay for the renovation of Robinson Auditorium and Conference Center is tomorrow, Tuesday, December 10, 2013.  Early voting continues today, December 9th across the street from City Hall.

Please exercise your right to vote on this issue by going to the polls today or tomorrow and casting your ballot.  Here are some important facts about the issue:

  1. Robinson Auditorium was built in 1939 and is almost 75 years old.  It has never had a major renovation since its construction.  It currently is in desperate need of major improvements.
  2. Robinson Auditorium is on the National Register of Historic Places because of its architectural significance and its dedication to Arkansas Senator and Vice-Presidential candidate Joe T. Robinson.  It is an exceptional landmark of the city.
  3. The money needed for the renovation will be derived from the current hospitality taxes already being collected.  In other words, the renovation will be paid for without asking for any new taxes.
  4. Hospitality tax revenues can only be spent on promoting the City and on operating tourism facilities such as Robinson Auditorium.  The taxes collected are prohibited from being spent on police, fire, road improvements or other obligations of the city. If the bond issues passes, construction on the renovation will begin this summer and will be completed in approximately 24 months.  If the Bond issue fails, the hospitality tax will continue to be collected, but it will not be able to be pledged to restore Robinson Auditorium.
  5. The Robinson Center attracts almost 200,000 patrons annually and generates $17.5 million in tourism expenditures per year.  This renovation is predicted to attract more events, more people and increase the economic impact at the local level.

So please, go to the polls tomorrow and exercise your right to vote.


Thank you,

Mark Stodola, Mayor

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