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2012 Summer Playground Program

Mon, June 11 – Thurs, August 2

2012 Summer Playground Program Announcement

Little Rock Parks and Recreation would like to welcome children and parents within the Little Rock area as prospective participants in our 2012 summer playground program. The program’s objective is to provide for children ages 6-15, a rewarding, enjoyable and safe summer of supervised, organized and worthwhile recreational activities while school is not in session. We will offer a wide range of on site and away site activities.


The playground program offers a wide range of on-site and away-site activities. On-site activities include quiet games: checkers, dominoes, chess, jacks and cards. The more strenuous games are softball, horseshoes, kickball, football and soccer. Away activities include: Wild River Country, Bowling, Fishing Derby, Skating, Amusement Park and Swimming.
All of these activities have discretionary participation. There are staff members assigned to remain at the playground for children who chose not to participate in the activities away from the site. The only exception is Wild River Country where the entire staff is needed for supervision. There are some playgrounds where we expect large participation, which will prevent us from transporting every child to all away activities. The directors of these playgrounds are asked to keep the names of children left behind and list them first for that activity the next week. Buses will provide transportation for away activities from the First Student Company. All other transportation is prohibited. There are additional admission and busing fees for away activities. A daily schedule will be given to parents when they register their children. This schedule will reflect the day, time and fees for each activity. Competitive activities will be programmed by ages.


Playgrounds Address
Baseline Elementary School      3623 Baseline Road
Brady Elementary School           7915 West Markham
Dunbar Community Center         1001 West 16thStreet
Dunbar Middle School                1100 Wright Avenue
Romine Elementary School        3400 Romine Road
Stephens Community Center       3700 West 18th
Geyer Springs Elementary          5340 Mabelvale Pike

Dunbar Middle School

Monday, June 11 – Thursday, August 2
7:30am – 6:00pm

One Child…$90.00
Two Children…$115.00
Three Children…$140.00
Four Children…$165.00
These rates apply to children from the same immediate family within the same household
Registration Information