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Mud Run

October 25, 2014

Mud Run

Here's the Down & Dirty . . .

Created for those who think a little differently about this runnin' stuff.  Saturday, October 25, 2014!


The Mud Run is definitely NOT your average 5K. The Mud Run is for the adventuresome spirit and is a family friendly race. Participants run, walk, skip, trot and even cavort through our 5K(ish - please refer to helpful hints section of the website for the clarification of "ish") course, which winds through a scenic Little Rock Park. Participants must overcome an "obstacle" or two along the way.


Then finish with a spectacular frolic (but in most cases romp) through our world-renowned 300-foot mud pit, which is filled with that amazing Arkansas mud and in 2012 we added the Mud Mountain which rocks!


The point is not to finish fast but to finish with style.   Visit  “Like” us on Facebook!!/mudrunlittlerock

Address: 6900 Two Rivers Road Little Rock, AR 72223