Urban Forestry

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A Little Rock Urban Forestry Program

Donations for the "Trees for Tomorrow" program are set aside for the specific purpose of planting trees in densely developed urban areas of Little Rock.

All donations are gratefully accepted and put to good use in our tree planting program.

For a donation of $250 or more, we will plant a "Memorial Tree" at McArthur Park in your name or in the name of someone you choose. Your memorial tree will display a plaque with the name of the person you have chosen to honor.

Want to donate to our "Trees for Tomorrow" program? Let us know . . .


"Enhancing Neighborhood and Community Trees" (E.N.A.C.T.) is a program of the Urban Forestry Division of Little Rock Parks and Recreation. The program provides awards of up to $2,500 to qualified Neighborhood and Property Owner Associations and local community organizations throughout Little Rock.

Registered Neighborhood and Property Owner Associations or local community organizations may use the awards for the purchasing of trees to be planted on Little Rock street easements, public parks, and other grounds owned or controlled by the city. The E.N.A.C.T. Program awards must be matched by cash or in-kind sources by the Neighborhoods. This match may include volunteer time, supplies or additional landscaping.

E.N.A.C.T. Program applications become available in June of each year and workshops are held each July to help the neighborhood or community groups complete the applications and plan their planting projects.

Download E.N.A.C.T. Program Application

Awards are announced in September.

Tree Care Workshops

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For More Information Contact:

Little Rock Parks and Recreation - Urban Forestry
500 West Markham Street, Rm 108
Little Rock, Arkansas 72201-1414
(501) 529-8733
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Need information about trees and tree care?

Take a look at some of the tree brochures we keep on hand. We'll be glad to send you one or more of these -- free -- at your request.

(Quantities may be limited.)

  1. Avoiding Tree and Utility Conflicts
  2. Avoiding Tree Damage During Construction
  3. Benefits of Trees
  4. FireWise Landscaping for Woodland Homes
  5. Insect and Disease Problems
  6. New Tree Planting
  7. Proper Mulching
  8. Pruning Mature Trees
  9. Recognizing Tree Hazards
  10. Tree Planting Guide (also available in Spanish)
  11. Tree Values
  12. Urban Forestry -- Trees for Tomorrow
  13. Why Hire An Arborist
  14. Why Topping Hurts Trees