Urban Forestry

Tree Frequently Asked Questions

Q: "I want to plant a tree in front of my house, by the curb. Are there any restrictions?"

A: Remember, plant the right tree for the right place. Call Arkansas One Call at (800) 482-8998 to identify utilities in the area. Do NOT plant directly over or within five (5) lateral feet of underground utilities. Look up, and if there are utility lines overhead, pick a tree species that reaches maturity at a height of less than twenty-five (25) feet.

Q: "Can I plant a tree near a fire hydrant?"

A: Trees should be planted no closer than fifteen (15) feet from fire hydrants.

Q: "I'm doing some landscaping that includes planting a few crepe myrtles around the water meter. Is that OK?"

A: Just remember to be sure to plant trees (including crepe myrtles) five (5) feet or more away from water meters.


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