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Internal Audit Division

The Internal Audit Division is tasked with safeguarding the City's assets by constantly testing, evaluating and enhancing its internal control system and auditing activities to ensure compliance with the control system.

So, what is a control system? You are all familiar with internal controls, you see them all the time. For instance;

  • When you go to a movie you purchase a ticket. Then you give the ticket to an usher when you go inside the theater. That ticketing process is an internal control. Its primary purpose is to ensure that everyone who goes in has paid but it is also used to verify the accuracy of ticket sales figures.

  • When you buy groceries, the sale is rung up in a cash register. There is always a display of what is being rung up that you, the customer, can see. That visible display is another internal control. The store's management is using you to check the accuracy of what their clerks are ringing up; and who better to use?

  • You know about taking inventory, you see employees counting merchandise in department stores, grocery stores, etc. That is an internal control. By counting the inventory that is left, management knows how much should have been sold and, therefore, how much their gross sales should be, which leads to how much they have lost due to ... unauthorized discounts?

  • Do you reconcile your checkbook to your bank statement every month? We do. This is an invaluable internal control that helps us ensure that our records are accurate.

An internal control system is the set of rules that governs how we do business. It is a collection of written (and sometimes unwritten) procedures and guidelines that detail how we receive money, or property or anything else of value. These procedures and guidelines also detail such things as how we purchase items, what vendors we can use, how we contract for services, how we pay our employees, how we pay our bills, and how we provide services to our citizens. In short, it is how we do business.

The Internal Audit Division is constantly reviewing and evaluating the City's control structure. Our continuing goal is to make sure that we not only do things the right way but also the best way. We invite you to help us. If you see something that you believe should be brought to our attention, we encourage you contact us. Just follow the link below to leave us a message or call us at (501) 371-4777.

Internal Audit Contact Information:

Name  Email Position   Phone
Debbie Carreiro Internal Audit Manager   (501) 371-4777
Gene Brunner Internal Auditor   (501) 371-4401
Jim Browne Fiscal Systems Administrator   (501) 371-4541

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