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Online Bids

PLEASE NOTE: When the City is closed due to inclement weather, Bid Openings will occur on the next business day that the City is open.

Bid #TitleBid IssuedBid OpensClassification
15023 Echo Valley Ct Drain Rehabilitation 09/02/2015 09/23/2015
15022 Pleasant Valley Drive Drain Improvements 09/02/2015 09/23/2015
15021 Rodney Parham at Buff Lane Drain 13-4-105 09/02/2015 09/23/2015
15156 Little Rock Zoo Safety Net for Big Cat & Great Ape Display 08/30/2015 09/15/2015
15160 Electric Powered Maintenance Vehicles 08/30/2015 09/21/2015
15133R Concrete Walks Handicapped Pads and Pavilion at WC Ball Field Complex 08/26/2015 09/16/2015
15159 Repair Cracks and Resurface Tennis Courts 08/26/2015 09/16/2015
C15019 Annual Contract for Tree Removal Services 08/24/2015 09/14/2015
15157 RFP Cobra, HIPPA, and Retiree Billing Adiministration 08/24/2015 09/17/2015
15158 2016 Little Rock Marathon Timing and Scoring Services 08/19/2015 09/09/2015
C15018 Annual Contract for Truck Tire Retreading 08/16/2015 09/08/2015
C15012R Annual Contract for Commercial Garbage and Recycling Collection 08/14/2015 09/08/2015
C15017 Annual Contract for Ready Mix Concrete 08/14/2015 09/08/2015

The City of Little Rock The City of Little Rock

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