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Aircraft Firefighting and Rescue Division

Wayne Craft Division Chief

Public safety is of the utmost importance in protecting the traveling public and the many tenants who call Little Rock National Airport (LRNA) their home. The ARFF Division is responsible for responding to aircraft incidents and accidents at the Little Rock National Airport as well as providing emergency medical assistance as first responders. In addition, ARFF personnel inspect fuel farms and mobile fuel trucks in partnership with the Airport Operations.  All Firefighters assigned to the ARFF Program must meet the Federal regulations regarding certification and training.

The Division is staffed with twelve (12) personnel consisting of nine (9) Fire Apparatus Engineers and three (3) Company Officers. These personnel are divided into three (3) shifts and overseen by a Division Chief. The ARFF station has four (4) state-of-the-art Emergency Response Vehicles assigned to the staff. There are an additional twelve (12) Firefighters who provide direct support to the ARFF staffing and meet the same training regulations as personnel directly assigned to the Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting (ARFF) station. The success of the division is measured by how well the emergency responders and off-airport response units come together to exceed the expectations of the customers at LRNA. In the event of an emergency response to an aircraft incident, all fire personnel must be prepared to deliver the best service as quickly as possible around the clock.

The Division is under the Command of Division Chief Wayne Craft. Chief Craft has been employed by the Little Rock Fire Department since 1987. Chief Craft served in the Operations division for most of his career. Before Chief Craft was assigned to Division Chief, he served as a Training Officer and Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting Coordinator. He is an International Fire Service Accreditation Congress (IFSAC) certified Instructor, (IFSAC) Driver Operator. Chief Craft is a member of the Arkansas Fire Chief’s Association, International Association of Fire Chiefs and the Black Chief Officers Committee.

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Division Chief Wayne Craft
1000 Temple Street
Little Rock, Arkansas 72202
Phone: (501) 374-3467
Fax: (501) 918-3734

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