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Landscaping Plan Requirements

A landscaping plan should include the following details.

  • Three (3) sets of plans showing existing and proposed buffers and landscaping

  • Note the caliper of all trees and height of all shrubs, and plant species. Trees must be two (2) inches in caliper and shrubs must be eighteen (18) inches high at planting.

  • A scaled detail of the required parking and maneuvering areas.

  • All vehicular use areas must be paved.

  • Dumpsters are required to be enclosed on three sides with an eight (8)-foot high opaque fence or wall.

  • A cross section or elevation of the property must be shown when significant grade changes exist or are anticipated.

  • More restrictive zones and/or uses must be screened with a six (6)-foot high opaque screen from business activity. The face of the fence must be directed toward the adjacent property.

  • Curbing or wheel-stops are required to protect plants.

  • Vehicular use areas must be partially screened from adjacent streets.

  • All landscaping in the Highway 10 Overlay District is required to be covered with a sprinkler system.

  • The landscaping plans must show the property lines and north point, be drawn to scale and show existing and proposed lighting

  • Building expansions exceeding 10% and building renovations exceeding 50% of its current replacement cost will require an upgrade of any non-conforming landscape areas.

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