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Site Utility Plan Requirements

A site utility plan should include the following details. 

  • Legal description of the property

  • Address of the property

  • Location of the building, driveways, and parking, with respect to the property line including dimensions

  • Location of the existing or proposed water main with size indicated

  • Location of the existing or proposed water meter with size and maximum demand -GPM indicated

  • Show where the water service will be connected to the building

  • A detail of the backflow prevention device, if required

  • Location of all existing and proposed fire hydrants

  • All utility and other easements

  • Location of the existing and proposed sanitary sewer lines, with size indicated

  • Location of all manholes and a manhole detail

  • Location and size of any grease traps with a detail of the trap

  • Location of all sanitary sewer cleanouts (where it comes
    out of the building)

  • Location of the gas service and demand required

  • Location of the electrical service with size and point of attachment to building

  • Existing and proposed contour lines of the property

  • Indicate any on-site fire protection facilities including Fire

  • Department or Siamese connections

  • Indicate process for which water will be used

The City of Little Rock The City of Little Rock

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