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What should I do about damaged, missing, or vandalized traffic signs?

The Public Works Operations Division provides maintenance and repair on traffic signs. You may contact the Service Request Desk at (501) 918-3600(501) 918-3600, or visit the E-Service website.

To whom should I report a malfunctioning traffic signal?

Please call Traffic Engineering at (501) 379-1800(501) 379-1800 to report problems with traffic signals. We will investigate the situation immediately.

Who is responsible for street lights in Little Rock?

Installation, maintenance and power for street lights is supplied by Entergy Corporation. Power outages or damages to street lights should be reported to Entergy at 1-800-ENTERGY1-800-ENTERGY (1-800-368-37491-800-368-3749).

Whom may I contact to request traffic counts for a City street?

Traffic Engineering conducts periodic traffic counts on City streets. To request traffic count information, please call (501) 379-1800(501) 379-1800.

Why are traffic counts needed?

Traffic counts are conducted for intersection studies, traffic signal warrants analysis, traffic calming, street improvement projects, or when considering possible traffic speed limit changes.

What can I do about problems with sight visibility at intersections?

Please call Traffic Engineering at (501) 379-1800(501) 379-1800 to report trees, shrubbery, undergrowth, or structures impeding sight visibility at intersections. We will investigate and make necessary modifications.

Where is the Traffic Control Center located?

The Traffic Control Center constantly monitors operation of traffic signals in the City of Little Rock. It is located at 621 South Broadway Street, Little Rock, AR 72201.

Our neighborhood needs additional street lighting. Can you help?

Requests for street lighting are investigated and reviewed by the Public Works Department Traffic Engineering Division. In order to light an entire neighborhood, a petition must be received from that neighborhood. Please call our office for more details at (501) 379-1800(501) 379-1800.

An intersection in Little Rock needs a traffic signal. What can you do to help?

Traffic Engineers routinely conduct studies of City intersections to determine need for traffic signals. Often traffic volume increases with additions to or development of surrounding property. Certain standards must be met and funds available for installation of new traffic signals or stop signs. Please call Traffic Engineering at (501) 379-1800(501) 379-1800 with your questions about traffic control.

Who puts down pavement markings on our City streets?

Operations is responsible for actual pavement striping functions; however, Traffic Engineering determines placement, location, and type of pavement striping.

Whom may I call about poor visibility of traffic markings?

Heavy rain or fog normally impairs the visibility of the painted pavement markings. Thermoplastic and tape markings are easier to see, even in inclement weather. Visibility problems unrelated to weather conditions should be reported by calling (501) 918-3600(501) 918-3600.

To whom should I direct questions or concerns about traffic signal timing?

Please call Traffic Engineering at (501) 379-1800(501) 379-1800 for concerns or information about traffic signal timing.

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