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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Arkansas Arts Center to present the epic exhibition World of the Pharaohs: September 10, 2009 – June 27, 2010

(LITTLE ROCK, AR) – The Arkansas Arts Center is proud to announce it will present the epic exhibition World of the Pharaohs: Egyptian Masterpieces from the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, from September 10, 2009, to June 27, 2010.

“World of the Pharaohs will be the first exhibition of Egyptian art to come to Arkansas,” said Arkansas Arts Center Executive Director Nan Plummer. “The Arkansas Arts Center is committed to bringing the best art to our state. The art of this amazing ancient culture is utterly fascinating—and important—to human beings all over the world. To see 3,000 years of advanced civilization right here in Little Rock,—it’s a thrill that Arkansans deserve,” she said.

Spanning more than 3,000 years of dynastic history, World of the Pharaohs consists of more than 200 objects. The exhibition dramatically illustrates the rich and diverse aspects of one of the world's great civilizations and is particularly strong in excavated material from the Pyramid age (2675-2130 B.C.), widely regarded as Egypt's finest hour.

Artifacts include a royal decree carved in limestone (Decree of Neferirkare), the false door of Inty, a Priestess of Inty and a relief scene from the tomb of Qar and Idu. Funerary objects are also well-represented. Among them are a Ptolemaic sarcophagus lid, a selection of stelae and several shawabits of officials. Other objects include a wooden granary model, stone vessels, ceramics, jewelry, amulets and a cat mummy.

Plummer said, “We wanted a significant exhibition from a major U. S. or foreign institution to share with our region. Presenting this magnificent show from one of the finest ancient Egyptian art collections in the world helps us fulfill our vision of being one of the major art museums in America,” said Plummer.

Ancient Egypt and its art continue to inspire people and fascinate travelers from all over the world for millennia. Plummer said that the exhibition will draw visitors from the six-state region, making Little Rock a travel destination in a way that benefits the local economy and other cultural organizations as well. She said, “The Arkansas Arts Center is the only museum in Arkansas that can host an exhibition of this size and magnitude. We are excited to host this exhibition, and think our donors and sponsors will be proud to be part of this major event that will put Arkansas on the map of the art world in a whole new way.”


Contact: 501-372-4000

Location: Arkansas Arts Center – 9th and Commerce, Little Rock, AR 72202 Gallery Hours: 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday

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Arkansas Arts Center programs are supported in part by: the City of Little Rock; Arkansas Arts Council, an agency of the Department of Arkansas Heritage and the National Endowment for the Arts.


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