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Monday, April 14, 2014

ROCK THE BLOG -- No More Duct Tape

Instead of duct taping technology together to keep the City running, Little Rock Information Technology now has the ability to offer new things to the citizens and employees of the City.

When the citizens of Little Rock passed the new 1-cent sales tax, LRIT was primed and ready to update the core data storage and server infrastructure for the betterment of all City departments and, ultimately, citizens. This project is so vitally important because the data in this project is used by police, fire and financial information. 

The groundwork that happened in anticipation of this update included creating a redundant fiber ring connecting several key City facilities to give better connections to those sites along the ring and provide a network path for a second data center for the City. With the fiber ring and new data center in place, the next step was to choose a vendor to provide the equipment, software and expertise to help the City reach a major milestone with an environment that could run in both sites and help ensure that most all City data would be accessible at all times.

Starting in July 2013, City staff worked to develop the plan to move to the new platform. To date, over 120 virtual servers have been placed in the new environment with their data on the new storage as well.

Little Rock Information Technology is very proud of this project and all the hard work our staff has put into it to ensure that the City data is always available to other departments in their pursuit of serving the citizens of our city.

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