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The City of Little Rock Mayor's Office
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Mayor’s Sustainability Commission

The Mayor’s Sustainability Commission was established in 2008 to advise the City on sustainable practices. Since that time, the Commission has worked with various groups in the City to develop new environmentally green policies that have positively impacted city government and the residents of Little Rock.

The Commission founded and organized the Little Rock Sustainability Summit, which has featured prominent experts and elected officials who have spoken about their successes in environmental stewardship across the country. The Commission has spearheaded a sustainability assessment that made eight key recommendations for the City to become more eco-friendly. In 2010, the Commission helped promote the City’s Green Building Incentive Program that provided financial incentives for residential buildings that are built to ecologically friendly standards.

The Commission also has developed a sustainable purchasing policy, laying out guidelines for how the city can make purchases in the most eco-friendly ways. In 2011, the Commission drafted guidelines for expanding Farmers’ Markets throughout the City, so that fresh produce can be made available to residents in all parts of our community.

For more information about this commission, contact Melinda Glasgow at (501) 371-4646.


Ben Brenner                            Judy Watts

Ron Hughes                             Randy Pierce

Neil Gillespie                            Clint Whitley

Nancy Landrum                        Uta Meyer

Charles Vann                           Cedric Martin

Christopher Hiryak                   Chris Franke

Acadia Roher                         

Jennifer Glasgow                   

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