Adult Softball


Youth Athletics

Athletic programs for youth ages 6-15 are an intricate part of Little Rock Parks & Recreation. It is our goal to provide recreational athletic program to youth in Central Arkansas.

Our leagues promote recreation, sportsmanship, fun, parental involvement, competition and the basic foundation for learning how to play various sports.

Individuals register for any of the sports they wish to participate in by visiting one of our community centers with the required information – which includes a birth certificate, registration form and registration fee. Registration includes a uniform.

Sports sponsored by the LRPR Youth Athletics division include baseball, basketball, cheerleading, football, kickball, soccer, softball, t-ball, track and volleyball. Registration for each sport is $10 per child, except for football and basketball, which are $20 each.

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Adult Athletics

Little Rock Parks and Recreation recognizes the importance of adult recreation to enhance quality of life. Our community centers and the Adult Athletics division provide recreational athletic programs to assist adults who enjoy fun competition, exercise and a stress reliever. Our leagues promote recreation, sportsmanship, family involvement and fun competition.

Athletic offerings for adult through Little Rock Parks & Recreation include Men’s 30-Over Basketball, Men’s 40-Over Basketball, Men’s Open Summer League Basketball, Men’s Open Fall League Basketball, Men’s Soccer, Co-Ed Open Softball, Men’s Open Softball, Men’s 30-Over Softball, Women’s Open Softball, Co-Ed Open Volleyball, Women’s Open Volleyball.

Registration for all adult programs is all team based. For softball and the Men’s Open Summer Basketball League will be $450 per team. For the Men’s 30-Over and Men’s 40-Over Basketball programs, registration is $250. For the Volleyball and Soccer programs, team registration is $225. Registration for all programs except softball may be done at one of the community centers. Softball registration will be done at the softball link on this website.

Click on the tabs to the right for information about a specific league.